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New ORB website this week!

The Club OregonBears website will be down for therapy and TLC between August 21st and 24th. Some functions, such as your profile log-in, may take longer to reapppear. We do apologize for this invoncenience, and ask for your patience while these long-overdue updates are installed. Pressing issues please email webmaster-at-oregonbears.org.



Camp Oregon Bears XX was a wonderful, enjoyable, and memorable chance to connect with old friends, meet new friends, and enjoy an accepting & loving atmosphere of acceptance and caring.

Countless thanks to our generous sponsor UnderU4men and the many volunteers who help this incredible event happen. Multiple planning sessions, Costco food quests, negotiations with campground management, renting the truck, setting up the kitchen...it's a lot. Special thanks also to Cascade AIDS project for their remarkable generosity for numerous fun treats in the check-in swag bags. We look forward to seeing all of you and more at next year's Camp Oregon Bears 2018!


Disclaimer: At all  Oregon Bears events there is a good chance your picture will be taken. The photos may be used to promote future events and will be posted on our website and our Facebook page. If you don't want to be photographed, tell the photographer or an Oregon Bears Board member. If you see your photo on the site and wish it to be removed, please do let us know.

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